Patch 1.77 ist jetzt online

  • Der neue Patch behebt diverse Fehler.

    • Fixed an issue where Big Ball would get stuck in the refiner output (any previously broken refiners will now be clear)
    • Fixed an issue where all crystals would be called ‘Unknown’
    • Fixed an issue where the tutorial mission would not advance if the player collected a Hermetic Seal too early
    • Fixed an issue where the mission flow would halt when instructed to build a base for Apollo’s contact if the base already had an Overseer but no large-scale rooms
    • Fixed some crash issues in exocraft races
    • Fixed a hang issue when accessing a mission dialogue at the same time as the mission deadline
    • Fixed a hang issue when accessing the Starship Communicator at the same time as exiting the cockpit
    • Fixed an issue where ancient ruins and crashed freighters could sometimes spawn floating above the surface of planets
    • Adjusted the health of corrupted Sentinels to make them more tough than regular Sentinels
    • Fixed an issue where the advanced mining laser was not required to mine advanced substances
    • Fixed an issue where killing another player with melee attacks would result in an incorrect chat message
    • Addressed a number of photosensitivity issues around the Portal and the enter/exit ship effects
    • Fixed an issue where the terrain manipulator beam would not render on Multi-Tools with one pre-installed at purchase
    • Fixed an issue where resource names could appear multiple times on the planetary readout from space
    • Fixed an issue with collision on some medium-sized rocks
    • Fixed an issue with the Pocket Reality Generator not being buildable indoors
    • Disabled the Analysis Visor while on ladders

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