v1.2.0 Patch Notes

  • NEW

    New handgun: Prochnost (can be earned with Total Bounty Earned of 31,250,000)
    Deathmatch for PvP with 2 new maps.
    Ability to adjust time limit in player matches.
    “Accessory Tickets” as reward for playing multiplayer (winning team gets two, losing team one. These can be exchanged for accessories in the Lobby, exchanged accessories always contain at least three memory chips).
    Three new high-level co-op quests (available after clearing the game).
    Two new costumes to the medal exchange (Assault Diver M / Filly Pants M,F) and one costume to craft (Rascal Shorts M,F).
    New customization options (male hair style 41, female hair style 42, eyebrows 37 to 39).
    New gadgets (First-Aid Kit 2 , Anti-Ailments Kit 2 , Melee Booster Kit 2).
    New material: Enhance Material R7 (a kit for upgrading weapons to rank 8).
    After clearing the game, you can now buy an affection increasing key item at Argo (Nostalgic Echo - one-time purchase for 5 million Credits).
    Ten new items for your Arfa-sys to buy when giving her spending money (after clearing the game).
    Level cap increased from 150 to 175.
    Praising NPC teammates will now raise their affection. (default Num5).
    Raised the maximum to where memory chips could be enhanced.
    Fast-travel points (different shops and terminals in the city, including the Shady Material Shop and Predatory General Shop).
    Max weapon rank is now 8.
    Costumes and Accessories can now be previewed.
    A terminal to your Home and Kirito's Home (you can accept/access any quests and the standard shops from here).
    Skills and Gadgets can now bet set from the menu (i.e., you don't have to visit a terminal anymore).
    An option to accept all available quests at once.
    New rewards to Total Bounty Earned.
    Damage limit has been upped to 6 digits (it was just a visual thing, you actually did more than 99,999 but it visually caps at it, now it will display up to 999,999).
    (SEASON PASS ONLY) A rank 8 version of the season pass weapons has been added to the shops (Guitar Rocket Launcher Kai, Masamune G7+ and Masamune G3+, basically the same but Rank 8 instead of Rank 1, costs 100 Credits each).


    a) Hero Battle

    Adjusted Klein's weapon rank.
    Adjusted the Weapon Rank (Sword and Gun & Sword excluded) of certain roles (Assault, Destroyer, Sniper).
    Added the effect of "Decreased Detectability While Crouching" to sniper roles.
    Reduced the length of the Handgun Weapon Arts to lessen the amount of skills activated quickly after one another.

    b) General

    Increased the Submachine Gun Weapon Arts damage.
    Increased damage of the Combat Knife.
    Reduced damage of Nemesis Shot and Graviton Shot.
    Gun & Sword and Dual Wielding now carry over into New Game+.
    You can now choose a fast travel point by hovering over it on the map.
    Recording/Screenshotting in-game on console platforms are now "allowed".


    A bug where sometimes a stuck dialog box would appear on the screen during online play has been fixed.
    A bug where splash damage from Launchers affected Guests twice has been fixed.
    The skill Sword Barrier is fixed; it now doesn't work anymore when the weapon isn't displayed.
    Fixed a bug where drones summoned by Enemy Caller in the SBC Flugel – Depths wouldn't drop anything.
    Fixed a bug where during event battles BGMs could overlap each other.
    (STEAM ONLY) fixed a bug where talking to the co-op NPC receptionist could get you stuck.
    Various stability improvements (hoping that's the connection).

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