Firmware 4.74 und 5.0.beta6

  • Auf meinem japanischem Account habe ich eine Mail bekommen, dass die Firmware 4.74 jetzt draußen ist und wenn man die 5.0.beta benutzt, soll man auf die 5.0.beta6 warten, die in kürze erscheint.

    ・バージョン5.00ベータ使用中のアクティビティーや一部の設定は、"PlayStation Network"のサーバーに保存されます。4.74にアップデートした後でも、これらに関するお知らせが届く場合があります。

    Von Google Translate übersetzt:

    System software 4.74 has been released this time.
    When trying to play some games, you may be asked to update from 5.00 beta to 4.74.
    When updating from 5.00 beta to 4.74, there are the following restrictions.
    · It is not possible to update from 4.74 to the currently released 5.00 beta. (It is possible to update to 5.00 beta 6 scheduled for release soon.)
    · The order of the contents of the home screen is initialized.
    · If you have deleted the home screen download link (SHAREfactory, media player etc.), it will be displayed again.
    · A part of [Notification] will be deleted.
    · The already displayed [Hint] may be displayed again.
    · Version 5.00 Beta activities and some settings are saved on "PlayStation Network" server. Even after updating to 4.74, you may receive notifications about them.
    · Games that started downloading while using Version 5.00 Beta may not work properly after updating to 4.74. In that case please delete again after deleting the game.
    Those who want to avoid the above limitation are very sorry to trouble you, but do not update to 4.74, please wait for the update of 5.00 beta 6 which will be released soon.

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