Das Update 1.10 steht bereit

    • Veteran ranks of characters will only drop after all characters of that rarity have been unlocked to rank 10.
    • Naladen explosion now deals damage when Cryo or Incendiary Ammo are equipped.
    • Fixed issue where Dwindling Supplies and Empty Resupply mission modifiers would not function correctly if a player left the game.
    • Dhan shotgun now properly primes enemies.
    • Fixed issue where Bulwark, Siphon, and Concussive variants of pistols and sniper rifles would prime enemies too slowly when using special ammo.
    • Fixed issue where using Supply Pack Transmitter would reduce spare ammo if Empty Resupply mission modifier was active.
    • Using First Aid with Supply Pack Transmitter no longer heals enemies.
    • Fixed issue that caused screen to blink red/yellow when using Siphon and Bulwark weapons.
    • Rank XIV Common Characters are no longer displayed as Rank XV

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