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    6.0 Hidden Stuff
    There's a few hidden things in the game that you may miss your first time
    - Enter X, X, Square, Triangle on the loading screen to play a minigame.
    - If you finish every level with a silver ranking or better, (on any
    difficulty) you'll get to play a minigame based off the jetpack level in the
    original game during the credits. If you "beat" this minigame by destroying all
    of the airships and the "boss" at the end, you'll add the final two bestiary
    entries in the "Visions" menu. Each airship you destroy unlocks a new piece of
    artwork too (you can try this again by selecting to view the credits in the
    - Once you have completed all of the challenges on the piked heads in the
    graveyard, return to the very first one (before the six heads you've already
    examined) and examine it. You'll be sent to a new area where you can trigger a
    hidden cinematic with Aarbron's father by running to the left.
    - In the area you are transported to when examining the troglodyte head in the
    graveyard, just before the heads on pikes there is a large stone gargoyle
    holding a blue orb. Shoot this orb until it turns red and this will cause some
    lights to come on as well as award you points.
    - The original Amiga game can be purchased with in-game credits in the Wisdom
    of Shadows, and played within this new game. Cool! If you're finding the
    original game too hard, you can also unlock a video playthrough and a version
    of the game that gives you infinite lives.
    - The original game's music can be purchased and unlocked in the Wisdom of
    Shadows. There's also an option to play this new game using the original
    - Artwork from the original game can be purchased and unlocked in the Wisdom
    of Shadows.
    - If you die, make sure you only resurrect yourself using elixers. If you use
    innocent souls, you won't unlock all of the story timeline. You can always
    replay a level and if you do better than your previous attempt it'll overwrite
    7.0 Acknowledgements and Credits
    Heavy Spectrum and Sony, for bringing this great reimagining to life.
    Myself, for writing this guide :)
    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about this FAQ, feel free
    to email me.
    Copyright 2016 by White_Pointer


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