Patch 1.22 Changelog

    • Exocraft Geobays can now be crafted on any planet – this means vehicles can be summoned anywhere (whereas previously, vehicles could only be summoned on your home planet).
    • HUD markers have been added to allow you to easily navigate back to an Exocraft Geobay
    • Fixed a bug that caused vehicle weapons and mining lasers not to drain charge
    • Fixed an issue which could cause the Starship cockpit to vanish when exiting
    • Fixed some freighter door texture issues
    • Fixed a rare crash when scanning from a vehicle
    • Fixed a rare crash when feeding creatures
    • Fixed an issue which caused weapons to miss-fire when using Plasma Launcher
    • During warp the quick menu now hides properly as intended
    • Fixed an issue that prevented base material editing from working on PS4

  • Ich hab auch ein anderes Problem, wenn ich weit entfernt versuche einen Wegpunkt zur meiner Basis zu erstellen, dann fliegt er in der Kartenansicht ewig hin und man kann es nicht abbrechen, man muss offensichtlich abwarten, bis er komplett hin geflogen ist, aber das dauer wahrscheinlich Stunden oder Tage ... muss mal ein BugReport an die schicken.

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